Medix Journey app

Medix Journey app

Get patients the right information at any time during their treatment.

This is the solution to stay in contact with your patients before and after the hospital visit. It is a strong tool to define an individual care process per treatment. Your patients become involved and prepared for their treatment. Our service provides helpful and educational information, and also advises, which is important for a successful treatment. Patients can receive push notifications in case of important events, reminders or advises.


Patients stay informed and educated through a dynamic timeline about all steps in your treatment.

Information will be delivered dynamically in steps when they are relevant other than hard copy patient flyer.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications during the treatment to update and remind the patient.

Inform him about tasks like taking certain medicines, starting the advised exercises or follow up appointments with the doctor.

Questions and ratings

Get feedback from your patients about pain level, facility, and their treatment progress.

The doctor can add a predefined curve about how the pain should be reduced over days. If the patient is not inside this curve, the system will inform the doctor automatically.

Family Access

Family members can follow the journey and treatment too. They can see the progress and can help and advise the patient as well.

The MEDIX patient journey platform is anonymous without having personal information involved.

Media Content

The platform provides several types of content to visualize the parts of the treatment in an easy and understandable way.

It supports:

– Videos

– Pictures

– Text

– Links

– Questions

– Ratings

Custom Branded

The app can be branded for your hospital.

Add your organisation name, logo, contact details and patient information.

Content Management System

Easy to use content management system for doctors, nurses and communication staff. 

The hospital is able to create or change treatments by itself inhouse.

Content Management System

The preview function makes it easy to design the treatment.

The multilanguage features allow you to offer the content in different languages.


Be able to see the usage of the app. 

Find statistics from different departments or treatments. 

This helps you to improve the treatments and acceptance of the patients.

Reporting Polls

See the differences in ratings or questions per department or for the whole hospital.

Helps you to improve the app for the hospital.

Reporting Patient

You can see per patient how often and which videos and information he saw.

See his personal answers to questions or pain ratings.

This helps the doctor to analyse the rehabilitation progress per patient.

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