Medix platform

Medix platform

Medix app on different devices

The Medix platform is a strong and future ready platform that runs on multiple device types. This can be bedside terminal, TV, tablet or as BYOD solution to run on the patient’s own devices. Medix is Android based and cloud based which are the fundamentals for a future proof and easy to maintain platform. With the HTML – BYOD option it also offers a webbased frontend to be compatible to any other device with browser/websupport. Medix can also act as an app and locally if needed.


The Medix platform consists of three branches:


Solution Architecture of the Medix platform


CMS – Medix Content Management System

  • design content
  • select apps
  • build own apps
  • manage devices
  • manage services

Third party interface

  • room control
  • meal ordering
  • news papers
  • HL7
  • service all
  • nurse call
  • apps
Medix engine processes and convert
all data to:

  • Android for terminal, tablet, STB
  • HTML for TV, BYOD, Computer
  • app for iOS, Android

Available on multiple devices: The Android- HTML based Medix platform is available on multiple devices. From TV, bedside terminals, Android tablets up to a HTML version to be used on the patients own device (BYOD). Medix can also act as an app. Security: The Medix Android firmware is a secured and managed Android. It’s fully controlled via Medix and completely locked for any other use as the Medix purpose. Settings are locked, unauthorized app installation is blocked. Access from outside is blocked. No patient data are stored in the cloud, only locally handled. Encrypted data communication to the Medix cloud server. Automatic firmware and software update via the Medix cloud server. App catalog: With the app catalog, Medix can be extended to fulfill any future requirement. The app catalog offers basic apps, public free apps, 3rd party apps (patient engagemant) and can be extended with customer apps provided by hospitals or partners. Cloud solution: As Medix is cloud based, the maintenance and involved costs are reduced tremendously. All devices will be kept on the latest firmware version and improvements and new features are immediately available for all clients. Multilanguage support: Medix offers 40 languages and you can choose up to 6 for your hospital layout. Screen Mirroring: With the Medix devices it’s possible to mirror the screen of the patients device to the Medix devices. The supported standard is Miracast. Access point/Wifi Bubble: The Medix devices also allow to create an access point. That means the Medix-care devices can be used to setup a hospital wide Wifi network with access points in 2.4GHz and 5GHz ranges. Such a Wifi network can be used as a guest Wifi network. The access points can also be managed via the Medix Technical Portal and can perform network scans and more. SIP telephony: Medix also allows the patient to use SIP telephony via the Medix SIP app. Like this it’s easy to be connected with the relatives. By using the handset or the touch screen (depending in the device) it’s simple to start or receive calls. The Medix SIP app shows a keypad and the last call history as a quick redial facility.

The UI of Medix is intuitive and clean because it is capted to a minimum and kept close to a known smartphone UI’s. This enables patients to quickly familiarize themselves with the logic.
The picture below show a typical frontend here with the option of 6 categories at the left. There are further options available where for instance the categories are all at the bottom.

The main areas are: Categories/Apps: The big 3 icons left and right of the screen or 6 at the bottom. Here apps can be placed or a category where multiple apps can be placed inside a category.
Advertising: The big free area in the middle of the screen. Here Ads with text, pictures or text/pictures mixed can be placed.
Welcome Message: The welcome message in the upper middle screen area. In case of HL7 connection it can appear with the patient name.
Weather: The top left area of the screen which can show the weather of today or additionally with forcast.
Hospital Logo: The top right area has space for a hospital logo.
RSS-Feed/Ticker-Messages: The top bar at the screen can be used for RSS-Feeds or hospitals own Ticker Messages. Apps inside Category:

Content created with the Medix Content Management System.

Feedback Form:

The Medix survey system to create patient survey. Allows multiple types of patient surveys.

Service Request:

A solution of load your nurses. Let dedicated service staff handle such service request. This tool helps you to handle, track and manage simple service requests.

Operating system Android – HTML
Page orientation Landscape and Portrait
  • Android app catalog with apps like games, news, sport or entertainment/streaming
  • Service request app
  • Feedbackform app
  • Inroom ordering app
  • Medical apps from partners
  • Content Management system to create own information pages, information apps and to design the full
  • layout of the device.
  • Cloud based
  • Screen mirroring via Miracast
  • SIP telephony
  • Multilanguage support
  • RSS Feed
  • Ticker messages
  • Personal messages
  • Weather widget
  • Advertising
  • Automatic clearing of personal data
  • Background picture or slide show (with moving picture effect)
  • Define own app icons and simply change the color icons
  • IPTV with multilanguage channel list
Technical Administration
  • Device overview with online/offline status
  • Management of device settings
  • changing of network settings remotely (DHCP/static and LAN/WIFI)
  • Management of access points
  • Overview of access points in range
  • Remote display control
  • Device remote reboot
  • Starting of apps remotely
  • Channellist management
Device types available for Medix
  • Bedside terminal
  • TV or Set-Top-Box
  • Android tablet
  • BYOD (All devices with HTML5 browser)
Security type for cloud communication AES128/256
Device Lock Yes, the patient can not access the settings or access other apps other then provided by Medix
Number of languages 42
Number of concurrent languages on a device 6
HL7 interface available Yes
Billing and Control API JavaAPI is available to allow integrators control of the boxes or to integrate billing features.

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