Medix byod

Medix byod

Medix byod allows access to the content of your Medix account by using any HTML5 based device. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Stay connected with the patients even on their own devices.

  • Watch TV on your own device (Wifi TV)
  • Send them messages
  • Send advertising and information to patients
  • Let them make service request with their device
  • Let them send feedback via the patient survey
  • Let them order services or products, all via their own devices

All content only needs to be created once and is available on byod and other Medix devices at the same time. The layout will automatically adapt to your device.

Medix Byod My Patient Dashboard

Medix Byod Screenshot My Care



The byod frontend offers all HTML5 compatible content. Like info apps, service request, feedbackform, inroom ordering, advertising. Native Android apps like games or third party streaming apps are not available and will not be displayed. The byod solution will not lock the patient’s device like other Medix device for instance: Medix for Mobile, bedside terminal or settopbox. So the patient can still access their own device and apps.

With byod it’s not possible to control the patient’s own device from the Medix portal, like you know it from other Medix enabled devices.

How can I access it?

byod is not an app. The patient does not need to install an app before he starts to use it. It’s available via a Web-URL and is accessible with any HTML5 based browser.
The link to the byod portal can be integrated into the hospitals own Internetgateway/Captive Portal. This can be purchased from many vendors.

How can a patient be identified?

A patient can login at the byod portal. After login he is identified as a patient and can use patient related apps. In order to be validated, a patient has to enter the patient ID and birthdate.

Which apps are accessible after login?

After login the patient can receive personal messages and use service requests, feedbackform or inroom ordering.
The other apps like info-apps are accessible without login.

Solution standard HTML5
Page orientation Landscape and Portrait (responsive webpage)
  • Use of all Medix information apps
  • Sending of personal messages
  • Use of personalized apps like: service request, feedbackform, inroom ordering
  • Advertising
Security type for cloud communication https
Compatible devices Devices with HTML5 browser like:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
Compatible operating system Any operating system that provide a HTML5 browser, like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux

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