Medix app

Medix app

The Medix app is an additional app on the patient’s own device to allow patient engagement on his or her own device. This feature is available at home, before the hospital stay. The patient can use our service inside the hospital, at rehabilitation or at home.
Medix app allows access to the content of your Medix account by using a smartphone or tablet. Stay connected with the patients even on their own devices.

  • Send them messages
  • Send advertising and information to patients
  • Let them make service request with their device
  • Let them send feedback via the patient survey
  • Let them order services or products, all via their own devices
  • Let them request appointments
  • Guide the patient through the hospital via the app
  • Get information about the waiting queue

All content only needs to be created once and is available via the app and other Medix devices at the same time.

Medix App Startscreen

Medix App Login

The app offers services like info-apps, service-request, feedbackform, inroomordering, advertising, meal ordering.

The app solution will not lock the patients device like other Medix device for instance: Medix for tablet, bedside terminal or settopbox. So the patient can still access their own device and apps.

With the Medix App it’s not possible to control the patients own device from the Medix portal, like you know it from other Medix enabled devices.


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