Medix for Tablet

Medix for Tablet

Medix for tablet enables Medix to be available on tablets with Android operating system.

  • You want to offer a portal device to patients?
  • You want to let patients play games everywhere in the hospital?
  • You want to allow patients to have access to information everywhere in the hospital?
  • You want to let patients stream videos and watch TV shows everywhere in a hospital?
  • You want to reach out to patients everywhere in a hospital?
  • You want to let patients control the TV from a tablet at the bedside?
  • And all with a managed and locked device provided by the hospital?
At the end of the bullet-pointed questions. The Medix for tablet is the right choice.

Medix for Tablet

Medix for tablet takes full control over the Tablet and lock the device completly. So that no other usage then provided by Medix is possible.

How do I start?

  • Buy an Android tablet
  • Purchase a Medix for tablet License
  • Download the Medix for tablet app and install it on the tablet.
  • Follow the installation guide to pair your tablet to your Medix account.

1. The tablets are fully controlled via the Medix for tablet solution. It’s locked for patients so that no other changes can be made. You can only access the settings via the settings code.
2. All apps from the Medix portal can be used on the Android tablets. Whether there are news apps, games, service request, survey or inroom ordering. The settings also allow for both portrait and landscape.

3. Mirroring: The screen can be mirrored with 1 click.

4. TV control: The tablet can switch TV channels without using the TV remote.

What is the difference compared to BYOD?

Feature Medix for tablet BYOD
Use all Android apps provided by Medix YES NO
Lock a device for other use then Medix YES NO
Control device via Medix portal YES NO
Works on all HTML5 compatible devices NO YES

What is required?

1. Android tablet: You can use any Android based tablet with Android 5.0.1 or later (Models from 2014 and later with the latest updates installed).
2. Medix for tablet license for your tablet.
3. Medix for tablet app.

Solution standard HTML5
Page orientation Landscape and Portrait (responsive webpage)
  • Use of all Medix information apps
  • Sending of personal messages
  • Use of personalized apps like: service request, feedbackform, inroom ordering
  • Advertising
Security type for cloud communication https
Compatible devices Devices with HTML5 browser like:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
Compatible operating system Any operating system that provide a HTML5 browser, like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux

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