Intensive Care

Solutions for Intensive Care

Dialysis & Infusion

Products used in Dialysis or Infusion.


Various equipment for operating Rooms

Bedside Point of Care

Patient Care Platform and scenarios

Accident & Emergency

Equipment for Accident and Emergency.

Clinical Care

Patient evaluation and prognosis


Remedi is a innovative technology company focused on improving patient care by providing unique solutions within the challenging Healthcare environment. Our product solutions combine leading edge technology and unique designs to deliver a world class Healthcare platform solution.

The interactive patient journey starts at home and tracks and supports the patient through their complete continuum of care and post treatment support in the care community. Interactive services provide patient education, communication and entertainment at the point of care, empowering patients and supporting healthcare professionals to achieve better improved clinical outcomes.

Today’s healthcare providers seek ways to increase patient throughput and satisfy growing patient expectations, time spent with the patient has become increasingly time-pressured. However, the Medix care solution creates a fully collaborative environment utilising the latest technology and strategic partner integrations. This unique approach to Healthcare is targeted to support traditional workflow patterns and improve clinical productivity and patient satisfaction.

Products and Services

Unique product design combined with high level partner integration provides solutions across the continuum of care

Medix platform

Cloud based Android solution designed to run on various hardware platforms.

Bedside Solutions

Bedside Solutions

Interactive solutions for Entertainment, Education and Clinical applications

Mounting Solutions

Ergonomic mounting Arms, Brackets Wallboxes and Ceiling Mounts.

Clinical Review

Clinical Review

Clinical computers designed for bedside data entry various resolutions and performance.

Medical Carts

Medical carts and Power systems enabling wireless mobile computing.

Medical Keyboards

Medical Keyboards

Medically approved waterproof keyboards for data entry and navigation.

Clinical Devices

Devices for clinical applications

Clinical Solutions

Patient care and clinical efficiencies

Professional Services

Bespoke design and development

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